#Business “Learning from the past”

Was punk cool?
We’re you a Bay City Rollers fan?
Did Mott The Hoople float your boat?
Did Johny Rotten save the queen?
No I have not lost the plot!
BBC4 is going retro tonight, and showing a series on punk. Now this was not and is not my scene, but the point of tonight’s blog is, who cares whether you like something, what matters is do others?
Trends are always short lived, and the trick is to recognise one, and ensure that you capitalise.
Tenuous link time.
You are a fully qualified joiner, a craftsman, by tradition a highly skilled individual. Do you live in hope that there will be a new housing boom around the corner? Not likely. So what do you do? Look around you, use your eyes and ears. Do you live in an area blessed with gardens? Families?
What do you find in gardens?
Lateral thinking time.
Fences. One thing about fences, they get blown down, destroyed regularly every year. Normal Waney panels are a waste of space, both costly and poorly constructed. A craftsman can make bespoke fences that will last. Half my garden is bespoke, not one panel has been damaged in 15 years. Built too last by a joiner! The other half is always coming down! What I need is this half replacing! Do joiners come looking? What do you think? Inclement weather is here to stay. That is one trend you can guarantee.
Families? I have a friend that is a tree surgeon; he is also a grandfather. He has used the wood he obtains from his profession to build a children’s activity playground in his garden. Climbing frame, slides, draw bridge etc. as a result of this he now has 3 orders from neighbours. Word of mouth!!
Children will always be born, and something different and unique will always have a value. The activity centre is not high tech, and can be kit formed, home assembly. Opening eyes, looking at things in a simplistic way is often the best way.
Now do not misread this, I am not saying give up on the day job,
but look around you, what is the other man doing, what is happening to the environment, what type of area do you live in? What are the demographics? Can you take advantage of them? Sometimes, we have to look at new ideas. It does not have to be something you like!  Punk was never my thing, but if it sells, I would look at it!
I hope this makes you think laterally?
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147


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