#Business Real people who have started businesses #1

Amanda Marshall

Owner of  intrepidfish, FYCreatives Centre, Blackpool

Today marks the first in a series of Blogs highlighting people on the road to a successful Business.

Amanda is typical of the new business starts that I come across.  Here is her story to date:-

Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a 2:1 in Graphic Design, along with many others. Sadly, like so many others, there was no work for graphic designers. She obtained work in the local pub, where she continued to work for 2 years. She progressed to Assistant Manager, and whilst definitely not a career choice, it paid the bills and gained her vital customer service skills as well as organisational skills. More importantly it gave her confidence.

Like all good things, she realised that her ambition was graphic design and promptly obtained a role with Lancashire County Council.  It was not long before she was head hunted and started work for a small consultancy company, and paid her more money than she had ever earned in her life.  Sadly, routine took over, and the practical head kept her in a job, purely for the money, stifling her creativity.  She started to lose her passion for design, almost bask to square one, but better paid.

As luck would have it, although I am sure this did not seem so at the time, she was made redundant, which forced her to reappraise her life.

Amanda was out of work, like so many others.  She could have curled up under the duvet, but she was pushed to attend a creatives Network event, and make the effort to be noticed.  This simple event was the conduit to change her future.(we all need a business angel!)

An opportunity to work freelance opened up, however, a little matter of no office and no equipment brought her down to earth. How do you work if you have nothing to work with, and nowhere to operate from? Yes,  she is not alone in this one is she?

Her friend introduced her to FYCreatives in Blackpool, where she found hot desking facilities, at no cost to her.   MacComputers, fully loaded, together with printing facilities. An oasis for any creative, especially “homeless” ones.

Amanda is still at FYCreatives, however, she has an office now which she shares with a like minded soul.  She met him through internal networking at the centre.  In the early days they helped each other through difficult times!

Amanda is the first to say that without that nudge from someone that cared, and a little luck to find the right environment to work from, she would be back working in a pub.

Intrepidfish is 5 years old, and it is a limited company.  She has several associates on her books, sharing her experiences to help others get on the business ladder. She has completed a number of projects for The FYCreatives, Blackpool Football Club and Blackpool Council recently.

please visit her website at www.intrepidfish.com

Twitter @intrepidfish

Take a look at her work! you will be truly amazed.

As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253 477147






One thought on “#Business Real people who have started businesses #1

  1. Love this post Geoff – it’s great to read about other people’s startup experiences. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Amanda thru’ Pink Link, & her passion & enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. Hope this post gives some encouragement to other talented, enthusiastic people

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