#Business “it starts with self belief”

One thing I am seeing more and more are people that have lost confidence in themselves. The saddest being, how young people are that seem to demonstrate this phenomena.
Young people leave school with aspirations, having achieved a degree of education aimed towards academia or vocational futures. An expectation that one day they will become valued, rewarded members of society. It is a shock when reality kicks in.
Their simply are insufficient jobs to go around. The jobs that do exist are often poorly rewarded, and have short term expectations. The days of a career for life have long since vanished. Now, it is not will you stay in a role, but will the role or even Company, exist.
More and more people have experienced multiple redundancy now.
I have personal experience of having the unenviable task to inform A Company that they were all redundant. To look several hundred people, individually, in the eyes and tell them they are no longer required is something no one should have to do.
The sad part is it is inevitable that you will experience this at some point, it is not your fault.
The first thing to do is to remind yourself that you are not at fault. Reappraise yourself of your skills and achievements. You will need this! Use the consultation and notice period to network and put your name out their.
Enrol with agencies, contact similar Companies and appraise them of your availability and enquire for opportunities. If they have none, can they suggest other places to go. Produce a competent CV, targeted to individual Companies; Short and showing transferable, positive skills
Never give up.
If things take longer than expected, use your time wisely. Seek Volunteer work. This shows initiative, and keeps your skills active. It also gives you a continued feeling of self worth. Seek further educational or complimentary skills. It can only enhance your CV but keeps you active. Employers will see this a positive.
Young people often lose that group effect, losing their support network; their friends from school.
Go to job clubs, join an organisation that offers training. Anything that might keep you in the shop window. You are worth it. You are valued!
I hope this helps?
Keep your head up. Shoulders back, you are valued.


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