#Business Real people that have started businesses #2

Ian Mallam
Digitav ltd


Today is our second Blog on local people with an enterprise story to tell. Yesterday received 63 people reading the Blog, so hopefully, we can extend these results today.
Ian had a number of careers but always knew there was something missing, and as a result he went back to University, at St.Martins College(now Cumbria University),as a Mature student, and hopefully obtain a career in something he wanted!
On completion of his degree he obtained a position within the University and utilise the qualifications he had worked extremely hard to obtain. He put his BSc(Hons) Multi Media Production and Applied Imaging Science to good use.
Within 12 months he was appointed as Web Developer in the education department of St.Helens Council. This was at the beginning of the IT Revolution in Education. right place, right time!
Over the next 6 years Ian was an integral part of the team that developed and implemented an IT Education system complete with 72 integrated web portals for each of their Colleges or Schools.

This provided 2,000 teachers and 30,000 school children access to learning resources on the Internet. The number of PCs in St. Helens Schools connected to the Internet increased from 72 on dial up connections to 8,500 on Broadband connections during this period.

 Ian was employed as Development Manager and managed a budget of £2.2m p.a.
Armed with an excellent CV and a desire to start his own Business, he opened Digitav. At the beginning funds were at a premium, and like so many others he used his bedroom as the office, reducing as many overheads as possible.
He gained invaluable knowledge developing websites, installing IT systems and even setting up a call centre, complete with telephone system, IT networks and integrated software.
It became apparent that he needed to focus more on his core product, and he decided to concentrate on website development, and in particular database and Cloud Development, E commerce websites, Business Management Systems and Internet Marketing strategies.
2 years of Home-working enabled him to afford to move into an office, and he is now based at The FYCreatives Centre, Church Street, Blackpool. He has 2 employees, has a steady stream of interesting and varied projects. The Business has now incorporated.

Ian managed to qualify for a ‘Get started’ grant from Blackpool Council and went on to help develop new businesses in Blackpoolby by becoming the Chairman of ‘The Blackpool Business to Business Group’ Networking group for new businesses.
He has never forgotten how tough it is to get started, and is always on hand at the FYC to help people, giving his time freely. He has assisted on every Social Media event I have run at the FYC, and his knowledge and experience has been a constant source of amazement.
He is also a Mentor for the Chamber of Commerce on it’s NEA scheme to help long term unemployed people seeking an inroad into self employment via opening a new business.
If you are looking for someone that puts people first, take a look at his website.



Give him a look!


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