EVA finalist, Jackie Speight, Angel Virtual Assistant ltd

Jackie Speight

AngelVirtual Assistant Ltd

What do you do when you are a Woman and want to start a family?

20 years ago buy some Marigolds, a Pinny, and a Nappy Bucket! Personal career objectives over!

At this points the younger readers will be wondering what I am talking about, as it is the exception to give up work once Children appear, finances making it a necessity to continue working. But what if you actually want to persoanlly bring up your Children?

Jackie’s story is an inspiration to these people.

She grew up on the Wirral, where her father was self a employed driving instructor, and realised that long hours for low pay was not for her. Security beckoned in the form of the Civil Service( It was also my first job! Father said “Security and a Pension my lad!) Out went her dream of a Music Teaching career.

20 years on, and inumerable rewarding and treasured roles on the ever upward ladder to success, she found love. She moved to Blackpool, and carried on working for a while, before her first child was born. Juggling career and a child was proving that, to her surprise, her career was not everything to her! Just after the birth of her second son, she took voluntary redundancy and became a full time Mum.

Redundancy money does not last, and soon Jackie looked for a way to put money in the family pot. As look would have it(so often the case) she saw a feature on day time television’s “This Morning”, where someone had started a Virtual Assistant business. A light came on, she had the skills, the time and loved the concept. She commenced researching the idea, but sadly lost both her parents within a short space of time, which put her plans on hold for a while.

I am pleased to say, she found me, and came for some advice via the Blackpool Get started programme. Angel Virtual Assistant ltd was established in March 2011.

The Business provides help and support across a wide range of activities, including; Secretarial services such as word processing, transcription, diary management, setting up meetings, telephone calls and messaging, setting up admin procedures, templates. She is also an HR specialist so can help and advice on issues relating to staff, including recruitment.

The Business is, as the name suggests, all conducted via the internet, which allows the client to reduce costs of an office and employed staff, at the same time allowing her the flexibility to look after her family.

Jackie is a Social Media enthusiast, and has realised you have to work at it. Networks take time, you need to GIVE your time to make it work. The Networking has to include all forms of media, from Linkedin, twitter, facebook, blogs etc.etc.

The future looks bright for Jackie; she has a regular client base, is enjoying life and has a lovely family.

Up for an EVA award this year, which demonstrates the fantastic progress she gas made.

I hope that you like her story.

Jackie can be found at http://angelassistant.co.uk

via her twitter page at https://twitter.com/AngelVALtd

facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AngelVirtualAssistantLtd

As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253 477147

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