#Business #winawebsite The Power of Social Media

Win a Website;

Wow, if there was one question that new business starts ask me, it is “I need a website, but how can I afford it”

I believe it is a fundemental need that all Businesses need a web presence, and that whilst social media is vital, the hub that it is linked to, is just as vital.  So many people go for a quick fix option. FREEBY websites.  Now do not get me wrong, needs must.  Just like Free business cards, you get whats you pay for(free,  it would outwardly appear)

Embracing social media takes time and effort.  It does not just happen!

Two forward thinking Enrepeneurs have come up with a marketing plan that can help someone obtain a free website, and at the same time promote their businesses.

Rule Creative and Sherbert Lemon (Russ and Gareth), are offering one business an opportunity to have a website designed, built and hosted for 1 year, absolutely free.

What is different, is that the Russ will provide a full marketing strategy and plan, and gareth will implement to this brief.

Two experts working for free!

The prize is open to all!

How does someone win?

Simple, Blog, Tweet, and facebook “winawebsite”

The more they get likes, shares and retweets the better the chance to win.

Russ and Gareth improve traffic to their websites and hence enhance their own profile, so both win.

Truly inovative, and shows what you can use social media for.

I have started a series of Blogs on local people, and already, we are approaching 100 views, by different people,on each of the ones done so far. That is real progress for the individuals.

please visit the boys as follows:-






As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool 01253 477147


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