#Business “How to turn your passion into a Business?”

Earlier this week i was tweeted by someone who ran his own Business in my area, requesting I consider providing a blog for them?
What they do not know, is this is the blog. Surprise!
I frequently get asked by people, can you turn hobbies, interests into Businesses?
The answer is Yes, providing that you have researched the idea, and people share your interest in sufficient numbers to make the idea viable.
Converse All Star “Basketball, Chuck Norris” Athletic shoes are nearly 100 years old, and have changed style considerably since the original in 1917

In 1939 they introduced the classic White version seen below, and this has formed the basis of future shoes.

800,000,000 shoes have been sold worldwide.
Surprise surprise retro is today’s chic, and no self respecting young person would be without a pair. Not only that but they must be customised to be “Hip” Apologies, I am getting on a bit!
In Thornton Cleveleys , near Blackpool, a Business has been formed, to take advantage of this worldwide phenomena.
01253 424223
Take a look at the website.
Some pictures from their gallery give an idea of the style and customisation that they do. Pretty cool, eh?




What I absolutely love about this Company is how it is young, vibrant, and is not afraid to embrace new innovative techniques to market itself.
You can tweet them, @ CustomisedCons
Still young, lots to do, but hit on a good idea, give them a shout, support new business.
Enjoy the day
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, 01253477147
I take size 9 by the way!


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