#Business “Blog, why Blog?”

Why Blog?
Excellent question!
Social media is the 21st century marketing tool, but, and here is the but, you have to work at it!
It will not feed itself. It takes your input, your creativity, and most definitely time.
I started out teaching social media 6 months ago or so, I watched someone who knew his subject, and got hooked.
Leaflets, newspapers etc is simply not where it is at anymore. People have iPhones,
iPads, Computers
They surf and tweet and share and YouTube. It is what they do. All ages!
I have started blogging to help folk, in some cases people that I have never met, who simply asked me to help them . I have no ulterior motives, as they now know! I like to see people grow, gives me enjoyment and satisfaction. Weird to some people’s eyes.
So back to why!
Blogging is your way of simple speedy thought provoking ways to stimulate interest and debate. Not contentious nor long winded. I try to mix humorous ones with my business ones, keeps my interest and you on your toes!!
Let me give you a couple of successes we have had together. Intrepidfish is run by someone who gives but seldom takes nor thinks of herself. She needed a lift, she is deserving of your business. Gifted graphic designer who cares. Unusual in these busy days. She has had the blog on her read nearly 100 times, 100 people have looked at her site and profile. Cost Nothing!!!!
Customised Converse is a new venture, a couple that Need this to work! They are passionate about their shop, passionate about the product, and willing to put time in to promote this venture. They have had over 100 views in less than 24 hours.
Both these deserving businesses have gotten involved, they have retweeted, facebooked, pinterested , got friends to help. It is working for them. They will see google ranking improve the more retweets, likes, Shares etc. the name of he game is improve your ranking. Business follows.
I hope this helps?
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147
Please leave. Comment, like it, costs you nothing, means a lot to me. Retweet for me, stick on your Facebook. WE are in this together. This is not a money making exercise for me. I do not gain any material out of this. If you enjoy say so!


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