#Business “innovation in Marketing Delivery”

Times are tough!
All SME’S are downsizing, or cutting costs to the bones. But how do you reconcile cuts with growth? Tough one to answer, because, reduced investment in a marketing plan can often result in lost sales for the future. Companies such as Coca-Cola cannot conceive of allowing the brand to be out of earshot, or vision. They have to protect their heritage and brand dominance.
Today’s blog concerns a local person who has journeyed South to London, experienced the buzz and power of working for a major global agency, which provided him with a superb level of experience.
He has worked on many blue chip projects from Danone UK to Tony & Guy Opticians; from Virgin Media to Blackpool Council, and many more.
Russ Leonard graduated from UCLAN with a degree in Creative Advertising, and has worked in the Marketing and Advertising industry for a number of years, most recently heading up the digital function of a creative agency in Blackpool.
6 months ago he made the brave step of setting up his own agency, Rule Creative, to provide a new way to provide service to SME’S. Being smaller, he carries lower overheads, and this enables him to work closely with his client for a lower unit cost. He can produce more of the content required on his own, reducing the need to pass on work to Juniors, often the way with bigger agencies.
The “Main Man” does the work!
As mentioned earlier SME’S cannot afford to ignore Marketing, and Russ offers a scheme whereby he will work within the company for a set period each month on a retainer basis. The SME’s pay for what they get, and carry no staff overhead. A win win!
Being experienced in a number of fields, allows him to concentrate on different facets of heir business at different times of the month etc. he provides expertise on Social Media, Blogs, Design, Web management, EMarketing as well as helping to develop new ideas and concepts.
Working closely and directly with owners makes the path to success for the Company more readily achievable.
He prides himself with the knowledge that he fits the consumer’s as well as the businesses needs equally. All plans and campaigns are both innovative and unique. No existing templates or previously used campaigns are reworked. Tailor made is the byword.
If you need help in these difficult times, when finances are limited, but cannot afford to see brand shrinkage, give this man a call.
You can find more about Rule Creative below.
Facebook rulecreative
Twitter. @rule_creative
Mobile 07796690760
A thoroughly nice person, who will not let people down
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147



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