#Business FYCreatives “The HeART of Blackpool”we are open to help new SME’s

Are you a Blackpool resident?
Do you need support to start a Business?
Facing redundancy?
On Benefits?
Have a burning desire to work for yourself?
Frustrated at not knowing the rules of the game?
Tax affairs frighten you?
Insurances to allow you to trade safely, which do you need?
Want a support network?
Would like someone to tell it like it is?
No jargon, just plain English?
Want to develop your skills?
We are here to help you!

Right in the HeART of Blackpool!
We provide business support across a wide range of subjects. A complete Enterprise facility.
Those of you that follow my blogs, know that I cover a wide range of subjects, which I hope stimulate interest?
I am based at FYC, and provide 121 facility, am a good listener, unpretentious, and passionate about helping people get started in Business.
We have a number of tenants at FYCreatives, that know the value of our Business support service, not just the benefit of renting space. They know that we will always give time to listen and develop ideas with them.
There are some superb stories from some of the Businesses based their, on http://www.fycreatives.com

On the 10th July, we will be running a brand new course to provide business start up knowledge across a wide range of subjects. This is the precursor to 121 support. Free!
More courses will follow shortly From “Is Business right for me!” right through to “21st Century Social Media”
Blackpool is open for BUSINESS!
Please help me by “following” me on WordPress, saves me sending you a daily tweet!
It matters a great deal to me that you leave a comment, how otherwise can I improve this service?
We all like to be Liked. Helps my Google ranking!
Thank you for reading
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, 01253477147. http://www.fycreatives.com


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