#Elton concert stopped, if only he had used Marjorie in the act!

The big day has arrived!
Elton John playing Blackpool
Been a long time!


It is currently absolutely pouring down

Marjorie Peanut is excited!
She has decided the outfit she was wearing, is inappropriate, and she needs to tone it down a bit.
But what will she be wearing?


Oh dear, back to the drawing board then!

Unbelievable! Due to dangerous winds the concert had to be stopped after 2 hours, everyone had to leave! He was superb!!

4 thoughts on “#Elton concert stopped, if only he had used Marjorie in the act!

  1. If it could happen, it will. The headlands are great, but alas it doesn’t take take a genius to realise that the weather in Blackpool is still unpredictable. Having seen the forecast however, this outcome was an inevitability. Blackpool always needs an alternative indoor venue at the ready. The concert should have been moved across the road into the Tower Ballroom (would it have been big enough – wouldn’t THAT had been a show stopper?). Should have doesn’t help though. http://t.co/YZPzOKCL
    Anyway, I hear Wet, Wet, Wet are playing next week. šŸ˜‰

    • Oh how good would that have bee! Actually, wet wet wet played the opera house before they ceased and Marti Pellow and group were professionalism personified. Tower ballroom would have been great. Thankfully Elton was brilliant

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