#Elton John Blackpool concert cut short why?




The concert took place facing the sea, on a flimsy stage, fully exposed to the elements. The forecast was horrendous. The organisers bought 10,000 pakamacs, they knew bad weather was predicted. Tv said if was predicted a once in 50 years storm?
Thank goodness Elton John gave 200%.
A true professional. 2 hours nearly. He was Forced to go! Police instruction


7 thoughts on “#Elton John Blackpool concert cut short why?

  1. With the weather being terrible all day , and being an openair concert on Blackpools promenade, it was going to be hard for people to get their money’s worth here , Elton John put in a excellent performance , but the whole event didn’t justify £75 a ticket , the seats were wet , we were told to sit by security , this upset alot of people as they also paid alot of money for this and wanted to stand and enjoy the concert , the stage wasn’t the best , it was then cut short due to poor weather , no way I was thinking , before the concert I rung ticketmaster for info on the concert before it started to see it was still showing as the weather was bad and it was chucking it down , but no body wanted to answer the phone so we had to take a chance on it still being on , I wish it was cancelled to be honest cause I felt robbed . Not Eltons fault , who can still perform at his senior years. But this whole thing should have been postponed or refunded . I won’t be the only one dissspointed.

    • He was awesome. I agree the security was a shambles! Elton did not let anyone down though did he! Would not have missed! Seen him many times from his very start, he improves with age! Does not run and jump around anymore, but appreciates his fans, Nd gives a super set. Loved the support he gave 2 Cellos even performing with him! Thank you so much for reading

  2. Elton and his came were amazing. What a ridiculous venue however. It was apparent from the start that we were not goin to be able to fully enjoy it due to amount of sense never using their seats, (which were taped together and had this man sitting on mine as he had on room) by going to the cars and toilets. arguments broke out a few times with people in others they by standing in front of them. Would never go to a concert there again. Love Elton but Will see elsewhere.

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