#Elton John Concert cut short fiasco including concert photos



Only in Blackpool
Elton John concert cut short due to bad weather.
When we arrived, the weather was a bit grim, but nothing serious.
First site of seating and the stage set up were enough to send you home. Amateur set up. Anyone that has been to an outside gig would have laughed. One of the world’s biggest acts on a Micky mouse stage. No lighting system throughout, just a couple of bulbs. My back garden security light is brighter
Layout dreadful, security team a shambles. They had no idea what they were doing.
Elton was excellent! I have seen him many times, right back to Preston Guild Hall when he started. He played a great set, nearly 2 hours.
It saddens me to hear people moaning, we certainly got value for money from him and his band.
Sadly we were short changed by the organisers. If this happens with a younger audience when Mcfly and I think The Wanted play, they will have a riot!
Come on Blackpool be fair, this will not make people return to our beloved town. Elton will not be back!

2 thoughts on “#Elton John Concert cut short fiasco including concert photos

  1. What a terrible shame for the fans & rather disrespectful to Elton John. Can’t imagine how the organisers thought they could get away with anything but the best – and also the most robust! – set up.for something this big. Doesn’t do anything but harm to Blackpool’s image, a real opportunity to shine, wasted. Glad Elton managed to do 2 hours of his show.

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