#Art into Fashion, Linzi Cason Rocks Blackpool

Tenacity, is today’s theme
Linzi Cason, Photographer and Designer

In Blackpool, we have one of the countries best Photography colleges. I know this, because of the number and quality, of young people that come to see me for advice.
But, and this is thing, most are naïve when it comes to expectations when going into business. Being good at something guarantees you nothing. You do not have the god given right for people to spend their money with! In this digital age, and money shortages it has never been more difficult to be in a media/ arts industry. It seems everyone is a photographer or web/SEO/graphic designer, often with no training.
There are very talented people that are self taught, and this in no way implies I look down on such people, there is room for all!
One young lady, in Blackpool, came to meet me about 3 years ago, she was on an internship with Blackpool Council, employed as a Council Photographer. Seldom have I met a more dedicated, keen to learn young individual. Someone you instinctively wanted to support. She attended my 4 day course on Business, sponsored by the Council, and this provided valuable assistance for the day her internship was to end, as all good things do!
She did something no-one else has done, by attending the course again, before she went into Business for herself. She wanted to ensure everything was done properly!
In a recent Blog I mentioned that the FYCreatives Centre, in Blackpool is the Hub for new Creative industry in Blackpool, and she was initially based here in her internship role.
When this came to an end she could not afford her own office, so moved in with a shared space with other. Costs kill new businesses, she had remembered! If it does not make profit do not spend on it! She had remembered!
It has been tough for her these past couple of years, money has been tight. However, she has built up a loyal following, still does some work for the Council, has had a number of prestigious commissions, and has now branched out into production and sale of her own range of unique T Shirts.
She has turned her Art into fashion.
She cannot allow her business to stand still, no-one can!
I enclose some of her designs for you to see.
I urge you to look at her site. I am delighted she is doing well, and hope in some small way I have contributed to her success.
The T shirts are at a very competitive price, limited editions, so I suggest you give this one a look ASAP.

L I N Z I : C A S O N

81 Central
Church Street,

M: 07738 053 509
E: linzi@linzicasonphotography.co.uk
T: twitter.com/linzicasonphoto
W: http://www.linzicasonphotography.co.uk






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