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Euro 2012

We are all avidly watching the current football tournament in Poland and Ukraine, and in true British tradition probably have no idea what people are saying. Foreign language is just that, foreign to us! something for someone else. Let them speak English. Oh dear!
A couple of years ago a young lady came to see me for some Business advice, as she wanted to open a language school. Nothing unusual! Dee is Polish, and she was fluent in several languages, and specialised in Italian. Little money, hugely talented, and full of energy. She was determined to succeed.
She had a job, but could not afford to give this up, so offered courses from home. She built up a following, but it was tough going.
She considered compromising and going into business with other Polish Entrepreneurs, however, this was not where her heart was.
Earlier this year she made the big decision to open her own Language School on Newton Drive, Blackpool. She got a great deal on the premises, and she did all the alterations herself. It is a delightful place to learn, warm and welcoming. Dee is a first rate teacher, and as nice a person as you could wish to meet.
The Business has taken off now, and growing all the time. It is looking like a huge success. She deserves it!

Language 4 life teachers have not only gained the professional qualifications needed to teach a foreign language but have also lived and worked in the country of their chosen language and experienced that country’s culture first hand to give their clients the most enjoyable and authentic learning experience possible.

At Language 4 life they teach in a number of different ways so clients can be sure to find the one that suits them and their budget best.

One To One Tuition
They offer one to one tuition for those of who would prefer a more personal lesson, this enables the client to have more control of their lesson. Some days a client may want an all speaking lesson and others may prefer a text based one or a combination of the two, the teachers can give the client the same level of learning incorporating this.

An advantage of one to one lessons is that they can chose what time and date they would like to have their lesson and how many lessons a week they want

There are courses for the more social clients or for those who prefer to learn in more of a typical classroom environment, however there will never be more than 6 people in any course as this is the optimum amount so everyone can get good value for money yet at the same time get a high level of tuition.
They teach









It is always rewarding to see your clients succeed, and Dee is no exception. Probably one of the nicest people that I know. Treat yourself to a new skill. Learn a language! Get in touch with her.

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1 Newton Drive


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