#Business Selling for beginners

Salesmen are Born. Total rubbish!
Now there is a start to a blog!
Going in to Business? Great location? Great product? Sexy shop layout? Out to get rich quick? All good questions, and probably ones you answer yourself, with “but of course, how can I fail!”
Problem is you think you have a god given right for folk to give you their money, because you have this great offering? Right?
In Business the above is the starter and not the main course.
We have to sell our product or service. Customers need to see the value, before you squeeze the cash from their pockets.
Selling is something you must do, not optional.
Some useful pointers for you to think about.
1. Ask for the order. Yes right at the start. I am very serious, cut out the chit chat ask or the order. They have come through the door(metaphorically); this is a conscious decision on their part, and indicates a possible closure situation. Many sales have been lost due to boring a person to the brink of suicide. Ask for the order the worst they can do is refuse, but this opens up the sale process.
2. Listen more than you talk. if they do not openly agree to purchase, right at the start, ask why!
Now we’re rocking, get those open questions going. Who, what, why, when and where. Open your earholes. You might like all that you hear, but you will be amazed what you learn about their needs and desires!
3. If the customer has a pulse and has is still talking to you, chances still exist for you to close. Tougher the question the better. You have a fantastic product do you not, convince him!
4. If you are selling face to face, do not give them a brochure and ask them to get back to you! Are you crazy? They are in front of you! This might be your one shot; nail their feet to the floor if you have to(not literally). Plan your sales pitch, have answers ready. Work our a strategy for all eventualities.
5. If you are cold calling, do not simply drop off a brochure, or pick up a compliment slip. That is for wimps. Find out who calls the shots, is he in, they NEED to see you, get a first name, and go for it. No ask no get!
6. Never put off contacting someone, never delegate, never e mail when you can speak to someone personally. People relate to human kind!
7. Build a rapport by finding out what their likes are? Interests? Previous purchases? Good and bad about product or service they had previous. Yours is the best on the market. Isn’t it?
8. People buy what a product does for them. What value to them it has! You have flexibility in time and pricing.
9. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression! Believe people take you as you are is stupid logic. What you appear is what they see. Unkempt, tawdry appearance is unacceptable, always!
10. Thank people for the order! Simple but effective.
11. Order in the bag, you are on fire. Ask for that referral, NOW!
Existing customers are golden nuggets, exploit them.
I hope this helps you?


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