Birth of Brit Rock, the 60’s in The North of England, The Kinks and Red Riding Jackets

Spots and Passion
Dreams and Awakenings
Family and Poverty
Kindness and Duty
Just some of the emotions that the 60’s evoke in me.
Coming from a small seaside town in the North, Carnaby Street, London, Swinging 60’s was something you saw on “Ready Steady Go”
It never travelled well, The Watfrod gap may as well of been the Berlin Wall.
And then came The Beatles. Suddenly everyone loved the North, well to be exact Liverpool. A mere 50 miles away, but to a 14 year old, the moon seemed nearer.
The Queens Theatre
Now TK Max
My first rock concert
I cannot remember much, but I can remember the excitement, danger, wonder, longing,desire, shock at what I saw that night.
Imagine a 14 year old boy, on his first night out being confronted with the newest sensations to hit the “Charts”
The Kinks
4 lads from London, yes from the South, in my town!
The warm up act were “The Nashville Teens”, 1 hit wonders, but what a hit!
“Tobacco Road”
They rocked the place, I was transported to America,
And then
On came The Kinks, dressed in Crimson Riding Jackets, long hair, and American Guitars, and loud, oh yes they were loud. Amazing what a 30 watt amp could deliver in those days.
If you caught the tv programme on Britain’s top 100 singles, tonight, you will have seen them sing the song I remember them blasting out.
“You Really Got Me”
It got me all right!
It was pure and raw rock, probably the birth of the guitar riff, albeit crude and amateur.
They looked great, sound great, and I knew this was the future.
A Marketing dream.
Research what works, and go with it. They were wild, so wild they were soon to be banned from playing in America. Nearly 50 years later they are still being played.
My life changed for ever, I never got the riding jacket, but spent every penny I earned in the 60’s on clothes and music.
One day I might grow up
Life is for living, never pass up what you can do today.
Time does not go backwards, enjoy!
Regrets are just that, memories stay for ever.


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