Pearl Jam. Memories of my Daughter’s teen years

You know how it is
You have no Idea why your children like this music
Why can they not share the wonderful music you like
you get some priority tickets for a concert in London
Foolishly, you casually tell your 13 and 14 year old teen daughters that you can get tickets to see Pearl Jam at Brixton Academy in London.
Who are they was my first challenge?
Wrong thing to ask
Eddie Vedder is apparently God, or something close to this deity
What can go wrong?
Dad and 2 teen girls drive 250 miles to London,
We have to get to the venue early, they want a front of gig view!
I tell them we have priority tickets
3 hours standing in a queue in the pouring rain later we get through the doors.
It seems I have seated tickets in the balcony….not good!
Ignoring 7 foot bouncers(they seemed that big)
We pushed in with the mass to the stalls, and got a place right at the front
Mosh pit I think they call it???
Foolishly, I place us with a crash barrier behind us, assuming the push forward would not affect us.
How do you get so many people in such a small place?
So, there I am, loaded with Daughters coats, souvenirs, and looking like a participant on a kids game show, seeing how much you can carry without dropping anything.
On come Pearl Jam
Grown Men wearing shorts, t shirts, baseball caps and worse.
Where have my girls gone?
Why can I not breathe
I seem to have lost the use of my faculties
Oh there they are, crowd surfing, knickers a kimbo, floating over my head towards the front.
My wife is going to kill me.
I will have to tell her my last view of our children was not a good one!
Some man is singing about a child suicide, I think Jeremy?
I can hear people saying whose the old guy with the funny gear on
Energy from the stage is breathtaking.
They were actually seriously good, I hate to admit
I somehow manage to get out of this, seething, bouncing, swaying, screaming crowd, and get to the medical bit at the back
No girls?
I spend the next 30 minutes worrying
Why me?
I am a dead man walking
The concert ends, I am deaf
I patiently wait until everyone has gone
No children, Brixton, London, I am seriously dead now
From nowhere I see my youngest with some lad exploring her tonsils.
13 for goodness sake. When did that happen
Sister eventually pops up
That familiar, and still today, 18 years later call to arms
Chill dad!
Oh the mistakes we make
You can see a snippet of the concert on YouTube. Still sounds good, you can even see people crowd surfing…..hopefully, not my children’s modesty on display



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