Memories of teenage daughters, why me? Axl Rose, oh dear

It seems like yesterday
1992 Maine Road, Manchester
Me and 2 daughters plus their best girlfriend. 13 and 14 year old public school girls
What possessed me?
How did I fall for this one?
We are sat in the stands, safe or so I thought.
On comes a band called Faith No More.
20 years on, I can still see and hear the singer
Dressed in a red boiler suit
“use me as a toilet you………….”
Well people did as requested, bombarding him with the lord only knows what. he seem
to enjoy this and covered himself in it!
Can someone explain why?
20 years on, and I still have nightmares of how I was going to explain this to my wife, the mother of our Angels.
Obviously my girls bought the albums and never let me forget this wonderful band?
Sound garden played but to be honest no idea what they sang
The crowd was getting very angry now, nearly 2 hours late, no Guns n Roses yet, it is Sunday and council bylaw states that the concert must finish at 10.30 from memory.
We can see Slash, how can you miss a man in a top hat?
Still no concert, and then word goes around Axl Rose has turned up.
Excitement from teenage daughters
The group appear, no Axl Rose
Wait, here he comes……
“I hear you Mother…….s are p….d off, well f..k you”
Oh my god what have I done, divorce seems least of my options, possibly suicide would be less painful.
To be fair they played a fantastic set, and we’re worth the pain to come.
My girls ask if they can go to the loo?
Silly me says yes.
2 hours later, I find them, after frantically searching the crowd, pushing in front of angry fans.
To say they loved the gig, and thought Axl Rose was the second coming is putting it mildly. Andrew Lloyd Webber look no further for superstar
Temperamental, vulgar, arrogant, loud, and all the other things my children adored from this night.
What a shame they later imploded, this was a seriously good band.
More memories to follow.


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