Memories of teenage daughters pt 2: Guns N Roses Milton Keynes 1993, we’re you their?

Well, you may have read yesterday’s sad tale of 1992, G n R concert at Maine Road, Manchester?
The tale of the missing teenage girls.
My short term life expectancy as a result of being a poor parent?
Exposing my precious public schoolgirls to Guns N Roses?
Guess what?
Ok you are ahead of me, having read the title!
Against all known boundaries of common sense
Knowing not 1 year has passed, and sleeping with the dog is no place for a grown man,
You guessed it, I got tickets for G N R at Milton Keynes, May 29th, 1993
Now this is crazy enough, but we live 200 miles away, and I am driving there and back in same day.
The things we do!
We pass loads, and I do mean loads of Guns N Roses fans at motorway service areas, and nearly lose girls several times, but heh what can go wrong!
Is there another town in the world with more roundabouts, with no signs, before sat nav was invented, than Milton Keynes?
I rest my case.
1 stressed out father arrives about a mile away from the Bowl. Never trust someone that tells you stadium parking this way. Message to self.
What is worse than walking a mile to a gig, is trying to remember where you parked the damn thing afterwards, with no hearing!
Anyway, I digress.
We get to the entrance, I hand over the tickets, and hey presto, last time I see my children for nearly 6 hours!
You would think I had learned?
I am a dead man walking!
Now try and imagine, you have lost the girls, again. It is torrential, and I mean Armageddon, type weather. I have no coat, no plastic bin bag, which everyone else seemed to have thought of….except me.
I am wearing trainers to make matters worse. What was I thinking? The London Palladium?
Mobile phones were not around like they are now, so I am naked, no hope, shoot myself now, why me lord.
The first 2 acts come and go. Sound Garden and Blind Melon, no idea what they looked like, but we have the vinyl at home still!
I was looking forward to The Cult, but my memory is they were pretty average( I am sure they were good, before someone calls me a moron)
I am now wet beyond human endurance.
No Children.
I have wandered every inch of that blinking Bowl. Wherever they were hiding, it was clever!
Guns N Roses came on, and played an amazing set, despite the rain.

By any stretch of the imagination, daughter loss aside, it was almost worth the pain and suffering my wife would later subject me to!
Axl Rose was on fire, and he and Slash put on a virtuoso performance. Every square inch of stage was covered. They rocked the place down.

Once again, I was left standing in an empty stadium.
No fans, no children.
Now, going for help, police wise was not in my mind.
Better to kill myself.
I make the decision, why you shout, I don’t know I reply, seemed logical at the time, I leave the bowl on my own! Crazy yes, but I am a drowned, deaf, probably going to die anyway, old man.
I have no idea where I parked the car, seriously, I have no idea, except I think I knew the direction?
God smiled on me, and said you’ve suffered enough. 4 hours driving their, 6 hours of panic with no children, and he found my car for me. Must go to church one day and thank him.
Anyway, guess what I found standing outside the car, indignant?
Yes, the little precious ones, my daughters!

Mr. Rose, if you knew how you effected my life in that 12 months, you would take pity on me! Please think of the old folk with teenage daughters.

Oh I have so many more to tell you!
I still to this day, have not learnt my lesson……

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