Gary, Mark and a plane, #Take That True Story

More memories from an ageing Businessman
You know how it is(well maybe not)
Your sat on second row on the red eye shuttle with BA from Manchester to Heathrow.
You just want to sleep!
When 2 old age pensioners sit next to you, one, the lady is chatty
I want to sleep
Get the message
Anyway, on with the story
In front of me, front row, appears a tiny hippie figure, long hair and shabby
Yes, little Mark Owen, from Take That.
But this is 1 year after they split the first time, so technically he was a solo artist then.
Hard to believe but onto the plane steps Gary Barlow, with a Beauty, and I do mean a beauty, later to become Mrs Barlow.
The stewardess puts them on front row on the other side of the plane.
Neither know the other is on the plane
The Stewardess asks Gary if they would like to sit with Mark!
Everyone is rearranged so they can sit together.
It transpires(eavesdropping) they have not seen each other for months!
Well they are getting on great, catching up on old times, really sweet!
I decide, why should I suffer the old lady, be generous and share her with the illustrious duo in front.
So I say to the lady, “see the people in front, they are famous pop stars”
That is all it took
She gently tugs Mark Owen’s hair, from behind.
He is bewildered.
In the strongest scouse accent you have ever heard. “whoser youse”
Well Gary chirps up
“we cannot really divulge, as we are travelling incognito”
Tug Mark’s hair again
“arrrgoonn, tellus”
Gary says
“have you heard of “Robson and Jerome”
Well of course she has, the poor pop stars are now subjected to a constant barrage for the entire flight, ranging from how much she loved their songs, to where she was going on holiday, which was Australia.
You know when you should keep your mouth shut?
Mark says, I was their a few weeks ago. They now have a one sided conversation with the little old lady giving them her itinerary.
It was so funny.
It shows Gary Barlow has a wicked sense of humour
Mark is so cute and cuddly, he could not ignore the old lady.
Anyway, the story ends with Gary, Mark, me and Gary’s fiancé walking through the airport
Mark goes for the tube, with his little hippie back back, completely unphased
Gary walks and chats to me a bit, he is immaculately dressed, black slacks, black expensive polo shirt, beauty on his arm.
I get picked up outside the terminal by a taxi
Gary has a mercedes limo with blacked out windows, chauffeur driven .
Memorable journey, with 2 thoroughly nice people.

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