Liam Gallagher, 1 night stood at the bar in Blackpool

What would you do if you were stood at the bar and the man stood next to you was a superstar?
This is a true story, part of my “days I met someone famous” series.

2nd October 1995
Of all place Blackpool
The Hilton Hotel, Promenade, Blackpool(I think it was called The Pembroke Hotel then)
About 1.30 am, public guest bar, upstairs.
I am with colleagues after a meeting, having a night cap, I am at the bar buying a drink.
Next to me is someone I seem to recognise, but think, nargh, can’t be.
He is the epitome of Mod.
Cool mod polo shirt, and with that familiar coolness he has.
HE, yes HE speaks to me, something like “ok mate”, nothing to write home about, but blimey, unexpected. He is reputedly not easy type of person, and supposedly rude?
I tell him my daughters have just been to see his group at The Empress Ballroom. He tells me it was a really good gig, great crowd, great atmosphere, loved it!
He says, are your daughters staying in the hotel? Bring em down to meet us, he says! I kid you not, this is the supposed mister angry!
Sadly, I say, they are at home. Ring them up, get them a cab, bring em down, he says!
I am like…what is this. My daughters, we’re teenagers, and I rang them,explained who had just offered to buy me a drink etc, really Liam offered to buy me drink!
You can guess what my wife said…..anyway the poor things were not allowed to come, it being middle of the night.
Noel and the rest of band were just sat together getting Bladdered. They looked so young!
Liam was with a gorgeous girl(not Patsy for sure).
The meet was cut short by someone in his entourage who took him away.
Liam was a truly fantastic guy, polite, interesting and genuine.
He was happy to talk to someone normal
Now the postscript to my tail is that my boss was in the bedroom below Liam’s.(or one of the group)
He was not happy next day with me as he experienced what rock and roll sounds like when bands live it up!
No sleep for him that night!
Oh, I forgot, Alex”Hurricane”Higgins was with them. He looked very poorly, and emaciated. Felt very sorry for him, as he was a great snooker player. He was like an old man, before his time.

Isn’t it funny who you meet when you least expect?
More tomorrow, about Gazza and the Mike Tyson fight!
Thank you for reading.

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