Job hunting? Just left university? Read my blog! Rt

So you have just finished your education?
Expectations high?
What now?
Pressure from dad?
Pressure to earn money, and pay off student debt?
Yes, sounds very familiar.
Firstly, do not panic, now is the time to out your thinking and planning into action.
Blue Chip or easy option?
Let’s aim high! Why not!
You will soon get your results, and everything needs to be ready for the scramble for top graduate posts and beyond.
You start with a good CV
Short and Simple. Really, I do mean this. Agencies and employers are very busy, inundated with applicants.
2 pages MAX!
Forget when you were in nappies stuff!
Start with your main qualifications, and where you studied
What did you do whilst you were their besides drink and study?
Did you join any societies?
What are your outside interests?
Have you won any awards?
Can you demonstrate that you are a team player?
Are you a winner?
Have you supported anyone, or any charities?
You need to sound interesting in about a paragraph or 2! Seriously, I do mean this.
Now the crunch
What have you learned about the company you are applying to join?
Match your credentials to their needs. Be specific including the role you seek to win.
Thousands apply to join the Coca-Cola’s of this world every year at this time, a handful get chosen.
Most are culled at this written CV stage. Usually without them ever seeing your CV. An agency will sift through the applications.
You must stand out.
Research them via google
RING them up, ask for any literature they may have. Ask can you pend some time with someone? Shadow them for a day?
Let them know you want this job!
Write to companies, even if they ave not advertised yet, they put you on a reserve list.
Many years ago my cheek got me an interview with a world leading brand. Quote”we had to see this person that wrote to the Chairman, asking for a chance”
My first General Manager job was given to me partly because I just demonstrated that I wanted to run the show as my own, and money and status were not my turn on. Bit more than that obviously, but I impressed them with my enthusiasm!
I will blog interview techniques tomorrow.
Hope this helps?


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