#Business “So you don’t think you can sell?”

Hopefully, you are a regular reader?
Do you know hat the hardest part of the sales cycle is?
I will tell you!
It is walking through a closed door into the unknown!
Think about it for a moment.
What is the scariest part of a scary movie?
Correct. All shout together now. “don’t go through the door!”
The unknown is terrifying in the early part of your sales career.
Trust me, all good salesmen have been where you are today.
Every Artist will tell you adrenalin is necessary for a good performance. Turn fear into energy and excitement.
The unknown might be good!
So, how can we overcome fear?
Simple really, when you think about it.
Firstly, and top of your list is Knowledge.
Of your product characteristics, benefits and features. People smell the fear caused by lack of product knowledge. You should know it from every angle. You should have a list of questions and likely challenges you might have thrown at you? It will not be an easy ride if you are not prepared.
I have known many bright young salesmen that failed because they did not put the time in, learning about the product that pays the wages they want to earn!
Visuals are better than lots of yapping!
A good picture in your A Folder is worth a thousand words. An IPad is not only sexy, but visually pleasing. It says you are 21st Century!
You now need to decide what your prospective client needs are!
A Con Man is another word for a salesmen that sells someone something they do not need? Do not be that Salesman, please, I beg you.
Research who they are? Where they fit in the industry hierarchy, what their pressure points are?
How would it benefit them? What could it replace? Would it be financially beneficial?
You now know your product, have your presentation prepared, questions ready in case they throw them at you, you know about the target/prospect from all angles.
Lastly, your appearance and demeanour matters.
Looking good, smelling(yes I am being serious) good, relaxed and friendly, a good listener, someone who seems genuinely interested in the prospects business is IMPORTANT!
Now finally, the killer bit.
What is the worst that can happen! They do not buy! So what! On to he next one, but before you go ask the prospect “why did you not buy.” obviously in your words!
99% of them will tell you why. And guess what, it might not have been down to you,
Learn what you did wrong, be honest with yourself, and out it right for next time!
I went from a petrified Salesman to being General Manager of 2 multi million pound businesses for Coca Cola in my career. Learn every day. Be honest!
I hope this helps?
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Thank you for reading


2 thoughts on “#Business “So you don’t think you can sell?”

  1. I can relate to your point Geoff about knowing your product. Speaking from a performance background as an actor, an audience will only buy into your character’s beliefs and motives if you know everything about your character that there is to know. Where were they born? Where did they grow up? What is their favourite food, singer, author? Even down to, do they prefer daddy or chips? (and all other leading brands of chips.) You have to know the character inside out. If you only scratch the surface of your character,your audience will see right through you as an actor; and not buy into the product from your presentation.

    • Thank you for your comments. I am not a thespian, however, I agree the best performers are the ones you “believe in”. Speaking the words and following directions could be done by robots. The audience need to engage and to do that they must be transported by the actor into the character and event. Once again thank you for this comment, which I appreciate. Geoff

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