The Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge Blackpool

Blackpool, Lancashire intends to buck the trend, and try even harder to help it’s young unemployed and young entrepreneurs in the making.
Agreement was reached today to launch an enterprise event, specifically for 18-24 year olds in Blackpool.
The Oracle on St.Annes Road, Blackpool has teamed up with Get Started to stage a ground breaking event later this month, 27th and 28th November,2012



If you are 18-24 are thinking of starting your own Business this is for you.
We only have 20 places, first come first served.
Part 1 is a groundbreaking course over 2 days, run by a series of industry experts, who aim to inspire young people with a zest to be their own boss.
The course will cover researching idea, media, PR, Social Networking, Marketing, Sales, Networking and more.
We have the UK’s first recipient of the new start up loan, Elena Mingas( look her up on Google)
She will be a guest speaker, inspiring!
The Gazette Business editor, Tim Gavell will be taking you through media and PR
Amanda Marshall of Intrepidfish will be supplying you with brand and image knowledge.
Kevin Donnelly of XPWebservices will walk you through SEO and Social Media
Mike Brown of Word forge will break down the mystery of English for business, in a fun and interactive way
I will lead a session on Selling, and pass on some of my 28 years experience with Coca Cola, in a fun and interactive style.
A networking session will follow with about a dozen local young Entrepreneurs who have started businesses in the area. Help and advice will be abundant.
Part 2 will be where the Enterprise challenge kicks in……more to follow later, suffice to say there is a big prize for the winner of 6 months free rent of a room at the Oracle to run your new Business from plus upto £1,000 prize to purchase those essential start up needs.
There are loan schemes specific to 18-24 year olds to discuss. £2,500 loans at 6% interest over 5 years.
AND if you are on Job Seekers you can apply for the NEA scheme.
You have to be in it to win it.
Ring 01253477147 and book your place NOW. Visit
And book a place. Pop into The Oracle and book a place.
Only 20 can attend the course, so miss it and regret it.
Together we can make a difference
Geoff Reeves


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