The Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge Blackpool 27th and 28th November, 18-24 year olds

Life is tough if you are young
Life is tough if you are unemployed
Life is tough if you are one of 1,600 young unemployed in Blackpool.
And her is the But
It need not be so
The Oracle on St.Annes Road in conjunction with Get Started at Blackpool unlimited, FYCreatives, have launched a fantastic initiative to assist 18-24 year old unemployed ie just keen to go self employed, whereby they will provide training as well as advice on loans and start up knowledge.
On 27th and 28th November 20 young people will be invited to attend a ground breaking 2 day seminar, followed by a challenge event which will lead to a prize of £1,000 to be used to help start up their business, plus 6 months free rent at The Oracle.
Loans are available of upto £2,500 to any 18-24 year old who wants to start their own business.
Call 01253477147 today for more details.
You have to be in it to win it!



Ring today and ask about Get Started and the Oracle young enterprise challenge in Blackpool

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