18-24? Want to start a business? In Blackpool? Need help? Read my blog

The course to happiness

Are you in a rut?
Unemployed, with no perceived hope?
Tired of wishing there was more to life?
Sick of your job?
Skint all the time?
Know you could earn money, given a helping hand?
Live in Blackpool?
27th and 28th November is the time to change your life.
Ring me on 01253477147 and book on the Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge.
2 days free of pain, full of fun and the knowledge of how to start a business.
We will not cover the boring bits, we an do that later.
Fast and furious, expert guest speakers.
People who do, not those that talk.
Winners not losers to Network with.
First stage to a £1,000 prize and 6 months free rent at the oracle for your new business for 1 of the delegates.
How to access loans worth £2,500 at rock bottom rates?
Plus £1,000 loan potential if you are also unemployed!
Been in the forces! Grants and Loans available just for you on top of this!
Ring today 01253477147. It is 100% FREE.
Geoff Reeves





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