The Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge, Blackpool.

Well part one of the challenge has been completed.
9 young Entrepreneurs have grasped the opportunity, and completed the 2 day seminar at The Oracle, Blackpool.
Great success.
Speakers came from far and wide to deliver training and inspirational talks.
Adam Soliman, Charbrew, came from London. He started his Business 3 years ago and it is now valued at £1m. He is 24!
Elena Mingas, Tangle dress design, came from Manchester. She was the UK’s first recipient of the new start up loan for young people. Inspirational!
Tim Gavell, business editor of the Evening Gazette gave a 1 hour lecture on PR!
Amanda Marshall of intrepidfish gave up a day from her busy marketing business to deliver a fantastic morning on Marketing and Branding.
Kevin Donnelly, xpwebservices, gave his afternoon up, and delivered a powerful session on SEO, and it’s importance.
Mike Brown, wordforge, delivered a not to be missed lecture on the power of words in Business.
And lots more.
All free of charge!
Part 2 is on December 13th.
Blackpool is trying to support young people, and it’s business community is pulling together to regenerate our town
Support us!



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