Start up loans 18-30? Want to start a business but no funds? In Blackpool? Read on

Happy New Year.
Getting over Flu, but raring to go.
This week sees the conclusion of the Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge. 9 finalists hoping to secure the £1,000 first prize and 6 months rent free accommodation. The standard has been immense. The support from local Get Started businesses that assisted on the panel was nothing short of humbling. Life is not easy for small businesses, however, the support came from far and wide.
Young people are our future, and I believe passionately that it is my generations responsibility to support them. I spent 3 fabulous years with the Princes Trust, and whole heartedly suggest anyone under 30 needing support on an array of areas, from difficulty getting a job, to starting a business contact them.
However, I want to bring attention to the Start up loan scheme for 18-30 year olds wanting to start their own businesses.
Not only £2,500 loan, but mentors and a host of other financial support items. It starts with you contacting the website
In Blackpool, Get Started, me, will help you formulate a plan, training, and cash flow input to enable you to obtain your loan.
Easy as that!
According to James Caan on television this week, the Government is aware that not all new businesses will succeed. Furthermore there are no plans to pursue people that fail to repay the Loan as a result of default, or business failure.
What have you to lose? Follow your dream, be your own boss. 9 on the Oracle Young Enterprise Challenge will follow their dream, get off benefits and make a difference to their life.
Brush yourself Down, pick yourself up, and make 2013 your year.
Ring me on 01253477147 if you live in Blackpool and want to know more
Kindest thoughts, and best wishes for 2013
Geoff Reeves

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