2 Blackpool businesses buck the trend.

Doom and gloom? No way. In Blackpool young people are benefitting from Get Started advice, delivered free of charge by Blackpool Council.

One firm that started in 2012 is jewellery designer Danielle Chappell’s Yappers-Chappers business.

She was exhibiting at the Winter Gardens this weekend and has a new display at the Grundy Art Gallery after her first one there sold out.

Danielle, from South Shore, said: “I have had some wonderful help from FY Creatives and Geoff Reeves from Get Started, they helped with researching my business and marketing and gave me confidence to sell my designs.

“I have now set up a website yappers-chappers.co.uk and hope to have an online shop by summer.

“If someone has a dream to start their own business and they really want it, then get the ball rolling.”

Another which is building steadily is Ratemyroad.com which is a website that allows people to review their neighbourhood to help with house sales.

Louise Logan, from Marton, who set up the firm with David McDonald, said: “We set up in 2012 and our website traffic is increasing.

“We are getting many more advertisers on board and we are now looking to introduce a forum on our website.”

This story appeared in the Evening Gazette this week, and is well worth repeating.
Remember 18-30 year olds can access start up loan from £2500 average to £10000.
If you are on job seekers any age can apply for new enterprise allowance of £1000 loan plus benefits for 26 weeks.
Want to know more?
Ring 01253477147 and ask about free courses and 121 help.


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