Blackpool new businesses booming

Why do people look for negatives?
In Blackpool, we are blessed with positive people. Popular belief is the opposite.
I have spent the last 6 years of my life helping Blackpool residents get into business. Changing lives, making things happen. All with a happy outlook. What is not too like in helping people fulfil dreams?
When you wake up can you look in the mirror and say “today I will make someone’s day”
Every day I do that!
Going in to business is worth a risk if you plan carefully.
Research your idea
Make sure you have a market
Know your competitors
Will your customer gain a benefit from what you are selling
Will it make you happy
Now if you can answer yes to these simple questions, you have something to offer a bank or an enterprise agency. Your idea has a chance to make a profit, and therefore a risk worth taking.
On benefits?
Enrol in new enterprise allowance scheme with job centre plus.
£1,000 loan plus £65 per week for 13 weeks, and then £33 a week for next 13 weeks.
Upto £10,000 loan(possibly more) @ 6.1%
All you have to do is enrol in either scheme.
Ring 01253477147 if you live in Blackpool and I will help you free of charge to fulfil your dreams.
No catches.
Get off your btm and start affecting change
Good luck


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