Get Started in Business in Blackpool, fantastic free business support

Another fantastic day helping new business start up’s in Blackpool. Every day, more and more young people are seeking a way out of unemployment, and seeking to use the wealth of talent they possess.
Why should our youth be shackled with failed promises, and dashed hope. No-one said “get a good education and go on benefits”
In recent times young people with aspirations to succeed in life, were faced with the dilemma of how do you get credit or a loan when you have nothing to deal with. No collateral, no loan. Circle! No way out, no way to start.
Crazy logic to stifle our future.
We are an ageing population and sad but true, the old need the young to pay for their retirement. But if they do not generate wealth how can this be accomplished?
Today 11 young people across different areas, attended my road to enterprise seminar. We had musicians, DJ’s, graphic designers, builders, event organisers, beauticians and more. All with one common goal, to start their own business.
What makes things different for them is the new start up loan scheme.
Simply apply on line at
Takes a minute, literally.
You will get an email confirming you are registered and you will b allocated an adviser to help you through the process. In Blackpool, you get me.
I help you produce a comprehensive plan and cash flow. You will be PUSHED by me, sure. I will ensure you produce a cracking plan, that will give you a fighting chance of producing a sound business.
Want up to £10,000 Loan? 6.2% interest? Lots of other benefits free!
Give me a call at FYCreatives Centre, Blackpool, FY13PS
I look forward to hearing from you
Geoff Reeves


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