Blackpool New businesses flourish with Get Started help

Do you live in Blackpool?

Please see above article in Saturday’s Blackpool Gazette. Lots of people are waking up to the opportunity of self employment and starting their own businesses. What would you prefer? £45 benefits if you are a young person, £71 for everyone else, or the chance to earn a living with the help of a government loan? Now do not read to much into my analogy.  I am not saying this is for everyone, nor trying to appear clever.

Over 5 days £45 is £9 per day!

A spade, rake, brush, bucket, wheel barrow, some small garden tools, a bike and a little trailer(eco) and you are a garden helper(not a gardner, nor tree surgeon etc.) There are thousands of people that cannot maintain their own garden through a variety of reasons. Even if you did this as a part community based project, surely you can make more than £9 a day? Going rate is £10 per hour plus. are offering loans up to £10,000 to help you.

ring 01253 477147 and ask for get started if you live in Blackpool.

I hope this helps you

Kind thoughts

Geoff Reeves

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