Business Start up loans for all ages. In Blackpool? Read blog

For many years I have been helping people start businesses in Blackpool, but the one limiter has been lack of funds.
No more!
Everyone, credit ratings permitting, can access finance from a variety of sources.
Go to this website and enrol, they will signpost you a local business advisory supplier. They will send you everything you need to produce a business plan. Training, 121 support, and up to a £10,000 loan at very competitive rates, including interest only in year 1.
On job seekers? Why!
Get on new enterprise allowance
Up to £2,500 loan at great rate, plus £65 per week allowance for 3 months and then £33 for the next 3 months. Ask your job centre adviser, they will signpost you to a business adviser.
X-forces! As startuploans, money is available to all ex armed forces people.
From photographers to gardners; builders to graphic designers; beauticians to cleaners; entertainers to e commerce. Have a dream to be your own boss?
Act! Go to website
Speak to JSA adviser.
Visit. and see what we have to help you start a business in Blackpool. Lots of free courses, advise and support. Yes free to all Blackpool residents

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