10,000 views on wordpress, thank you to all who have read my blogs

There is no substitute for getting your message out their.

No excuses for being invisible.

No shortcut to promoting yourself

Time is needed to develop a Social platform that people want to be part of.

Whether you are new to business or you have been trading a long time, constant reinforcement of your product and its values must be  maintained.

As a business adviser, I teach the value of self promotion, after all if you do not believe in you and your offering why should others?

Today, look in the mirror and ask your self what do i do to make people want to deal with me?

Am I passive?

Am i someone that constantly reappraises their offering, discarding the rubbish and invigorating my range of products and services.


Give your self a wake up call. get testimonials, recommendations, PR, photos, PUBLISH THEM

As always you can contact me at Get Started, Blackpool on 01253 477147, or via our website at http://www.blackpoolunlimited.co.uk

Thank you for reading

Geoff Reeves


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