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michael sowerbySwapping a cockpit for a barber’s chair

Mick Sowerby in his shop at 279 Church Street Barbers

            by Tim Gavell


A Blackpool man has swapped hi-tech Tornado aircraft for quiffs and scissors as he hopes his new business will take off.

Mick Sowerby, who worked at BAE Systems at Warton for 32 years, has launched his own barber’s shop with a retro feel.

Mick, 56, who has lived in Blackpool all his life, has followed a long held dream since taking early retirement and has retrained as a barber.

“I have always been a keen observer of cultures and styles and how you can tell something about different people from the way they wear their hair. There’s a little bit of sociology in it

“Fashions come and go but they leave behind some classic styles. Blackpool , when I was young , was a bit of a rockers’ town and the classic 1950s style has always interested me. If could go back in time it would be to those 1950s days, very stylish and you see it echoed on TV today.

“I had been wanting to go into hair for years, so I took the opportunity of the redundancy and got trained.”

He worked in salons in Leeds and Clitheroe and studied at college before going mobile. But now he has opened his own shop – 279 Church Street Barbers.

“It is a little bit different in style from any other barber shop here, the nearest thing like it is in Manchester, but we do all sorts of cuts and styles.

“I have tried to source all the equipment locally and have got local people to do the art work and business cards.”

Mick got help in starting his business from the Get Started scheme run by Blackpool Council and Start-up Lancashire with funding from the European Development Fund.

If you would like help getting into business in Blackpool, please contact me, Geoff Reeves, at Get stated, or visit our website at


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