Get Started in Business in Blackpool. Blackpool unlimited rt

I have seen and helped several hundred people open a business in Blackpool, and all have one thing in common. They have ambition!

To get off benefits

Fulfil a dream

Make some money for them, and not an employer

Fill a gap in the market place

Use their skills

Provide for loved ones

and so on.

But you need money, and I have none, I hear you scream.

There are loads of schemes out their that enable you to start with no stake money. You do not believe me?

On benefits, JSA or ESA (allowed to work bit)

New Enterprise Allowance is for you. 13 weeks at £65, followed by 13 weeks at £33, and you can borrow £2,500 at cheap rates, they will even give you a 1 year capital holiday!!! All you need is the desire to go self employed, get enrolled on NEA scheme, and ring us if you live in Blackpool. We will train you, and support you to complete a plan.

In work? not on benefits? well, Start up loan scheme is for you, unto £10,000 at 6%, with a 1 year capital holiday if you want. £48 per moth repayment in year 1 for £10,000!

As above we will help you all the way. We have helped secure over £300,000 in loans in past 12 months in Blackpool.

Our service is free, yes free.

All you need to be is a Blackpool Resident.

You can even access Enterprise vouchers, via start up Lancashire. They are grants! There is a criteria, so I will not go into print here, but as above contact us for more information.

What are you waiting for? read my other blogs for heaps of examples of people we have helped.

contact me, Geoff Reeves at Get Started Blackpool,

Thank you for reading


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