Get Started in Business in Blackpool Road to Enterprise free courses

January coming to a close, and one thing is certain, whilst country is  coming slowly out of recession, here in Blackpool Entrepreneurs are starting businesses faster than ever.

In the first 3 weeks of 2014, more than 60 Entrepreneurs have attended our Road to Enterprise courses. All have started the journey towards setting up their own business.

They come from all areas. 3D designers, E Commerce, Bricklayers, Dog Sitters, Dog Groomers, Hoteliers, Beauticians, Barbers, IT, Computer Repairers and so on.

Male, Female, Old , Young, unemployed, employed, disabled, Ethnic Minority Groups, enormous diversity.

50% were on benefits all wanting to escape this life. SO do not believe all you see on TV, people do want to work, are willing to learn, and do seek help.  Visit NEA scheme if you are unemployed and learn more. Visit start up loans and learn more on their scheme. THEY ARE GREAT SCHEMES!

In Blackpool they are lucky, we are here to help them.

I will start writing some blogs on their individual journeys next, and keep you posted on how they pan out.

Keep reading, love to hear from you.

As always, Geoff Reeves, Get Started, Blackpool unlimited.

01253 477147


One thought on “Get Started in Business in Blackpool Road to Enterprise free courses

  1. Hello Geoff, really enjoyed the session this morning, it kind of brought two or three weeks worth of books I have being trying to read from the library into two or three hours. It focused me on the key things I need to do around my current job and highlighted the ‘Ask Geoff’ questions to fill the gaps, I’ve always been good with a blank piece of paper but this onein front of me now has a few ‘Post-Its’ with GR on!!! Looking forward to the 1-2-1, what you are doing is great for the local community and people’s confidence and self worth. Thanks Scott @theLCShop on Twitter

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