Get started in Business in Blackpool, Duncan’s story. If you need to do it, then do it right.

Over the years I have assisted many people into self employment, and every story is different.

Some are just keen and ambitious, wanting to get rich quick. Some on the there hand, are faced with no real opportunity.

Take Duncan’s story.

Late 50’s, a joiner for over 40 years, having worked continuously throughout this time. He found himself on Job Seekers, through no fault of his own.

What do you, as you get older, when you have worked on building sites all your life?  Job Centre telling you to find a job. Not easy at 50 plus, in a young man’s game.

He found me at Blackpool Council, and attended our initial Road To Enterprise course, as he had no idea where to begin on the journey to self employment. Why would he be expected to know how to go about this task, he had worked for 40 years for an employer, and thought he would be able to do this until he retired.

He duly attended the course and gained confidence that he could start his own small home maintenance business. Nothing to heavy or strenuous, he had just spent 40 years killing himself.

We supplied training in planning and finance, marketing, social media and book keeping, credit control. As a result of his plan, he obtained the Job Centre Plus scheme, known as New Enterprise Allowance. This has given him 26 weeks benefits guaranteed. 13 weeks at £65, followed by 13 weeks at £33. He has already got some jobs, and is back his old cheerful self.

He knows he has a number of years to go, before he can afford to retire, and the ability to work the hours he needs suits him fine.

So the moral is simple.

No need to stay on benefits. Anything is better than £71 per week JSA, plus signing on!

Loans up to £2,500 on the NEA scheme, plus 26 weeks benefits guaranteed.

If you live in Blackpool and want our help to get started, ring 01253 477147 and book on one of our Road To Enterprise free courses, you will not look back.

Visit our website at

Thank you for reading,

Geoff Reeves


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