The importance of PR when setting up a new business. Get started in Business in Blackpool

The number one thing new businesses are poor at, no shouting at your screen, is self promotion.


Lots of reasons; some to do with time and work load, some money reasons, and some lack of knowledge.

Is it valuable?


Let us examine a story from last week.

If you read my Blogs, you will have read Michael’s story.  He is the new start in Blackpool that has just opened a traditional barber shop.

Now Michael has no marketing background, he is not flushed with cash, indeed he has invested pretty much all he can into opening his stylish new salon. It is fantastic by the way.

We discussed ways to get free publicity, it is after all part of what i do here to promote new business starts.

Firstly, we invited him to the Mayoral networking gout, which is held every other month in the mayors parlour. Very grand and a great success, standing room only!  This gets him visibility and a place to hand out business cards. 50 immediate potential customers, and a slice of cheese cake provided by Matt at Lancashire cheesecake company. Win Win then.

How do you build on that?

Has he got an angle? We all do, we just need to think laterally.

Michael spent most of his life in Aerospace engineering, but was passionate about the 50’s, in particular the 50’s look. Where can you go if you want a traditional 50’s hair cut? He does do all other types, have no fear.

OK, so change of career, specific and interesting reason to change career, and helped by Blackpool council to Get Started in business.

Let us be honest we can all say how bad things are, however, the truth is in Blackpool people are setting up new business at a very quick pace.

We now have the component parts to get some PR.

If you have a contact in the media. We do.

Take a nice picture, or get the Gazette or whichever Newspaper you have in your area to take one.

Write a story. I will write separately on what you include, however, in simple language. 1. a grab line title in 5/6 words. 2. something interesting about you or your product/service, make it relevant to an audience, target group, current, 3. punchy finish.

Please see the article recently blogged about Michael.


If it is a retail or service with premises, or an audience of potential clients you can get together, invite your local mayor to open the event, shop etc.

We have arranged all of the above, indeed Mr Mayor, Eddie Collett, will be opening Michaels Barber salon, 279 Church Street barbers, Blackpool on 13th february at 7.30pm.

You build on this as you hit milestones such as number of customers, perhaps a charity event, a themed night……Publicity is pure Gold, you just need to think laterally.

I hope this helps?

As always i can be found at Get Started, FY Creatives, 154 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 3PS

Our website is

Lice in Blackpool, want my help? ring 01253 477147

NEA scheme loans etc, Start up Loans scheme, come and talk to me.Image


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