Get started in Business in Blackpool, Get off benefits with support from NEA scheme

So far this January we have gad over 50 potential Entrepreneurs attend our Road to Enterprise course at the F Y Creative centre in Blackpool. Over half are people on benefits.
So what makes someone get out of bed on a stormy wet January day?
Hope! That is why.
All have that desire to restart their lives, overcome the rejection feeling people feel once they lose a job, made redundant, or just plain that long since they had worked, what do they have to lose.
We explore not just the mechanics of going into business and self employment, but more the researching of your idea and the importance of getting it right.
The course is designed to be thought provoking, not just the ABC of business planning. Read a book for that!
I provide over 40 years experience in Business from multi million £ businesses for a multi national company to becoming a Diving Instructor and running my own water sports centre. From large to small ventures all have one thing in common. Research. Take the time you need to understand your potential market. Product range, price, competitors, demographics, trends, finance providers, property, tools, marketing, website, social media etc.
Do not rush?
The New Enterprise Allowance scheme provides two key elements.
First you keep benefits for 6 months! 13 weeks at £65 followed by 13 weeks at £33. This gives you vital support whilst you start trading.
Secondly, you can access a loan if £2500 to set your business up. Year one you can even have a capital repayment holiday!
We will assist you throughout the process if you live in Blackpool, including courses and 121’s. All free
If you rent your home and receive housing benefit, this will be unaffected if you go on the NEA scheme.
This is a National scheme, so contact your job centre and take the plunge.
As always, my name is Geoff Reeves, Get Started
FYCreative Centre, Blackpool,
01253477147 if you live in Blackpool and want to know more.



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