Get Started in Business in Blackpool planning a new business with help and support

Going in to business can be pretty scary, but it need not be.

You have an idea, but are worried it might not work?

Do you jump in, both feet first?


In my life I have never known a better time to start your own business.

Let us examine the facts.

Throughout the UK agencies have been created, many not for profit, and just as many offering a free service to offer help and advice with everything you need to know to set up a business.

There are heaps of free websites providing templates for you to use.

There is funding for the first time in years, some requiring no stake from you!

If you are on JSA and even some ESA you can obtain the new enterprise allowance for 26 weeks, keep your housing benefits if you rent your home, and even get up to a £2,500 loan if your credit is half decent.

If you are not on benefits the start up loan company is offering loans averaging £2,500, but dependant on plan and financial need £10,000 and even £20,000.


Both the above schemes offer mentoring, ongoing support, training, and again most suppliers will not charge.

There are some National organisations requiring a small fee, and this is fine, however, in Blackpool we offer a 100% free service to all residents.

I held a planning and finance seminar today and 12 new entrepreneurs completed part 2 of their course assisting them to write a plan, research, and understand how to complete financial spreadsheets required to get a loan.

All agreed merely filling in a template, worse copying one someone else has done for you, is a waste of time and energy. IT IS YOUR BUSINESS.  Cutting corners now is at best dishonest, with the crime being against you! Please create your own plan, make it the best work you have ever done.  It is your future.

Visit sites that offer real life examples to give you direction and emphasise positivity.

Visit your library and go on their business resources area. If you are blessed, as Blackpool residents are, access Cobra. It tells you everything you need in quest for information on your business as well as tips on marketing, tax, It and loads more.

NOW is the time to get off your rear, and take action. Contact start up loans on

In Blackpool?

01253 477147, ask for Get Started.

As always this is Geoff Reeves, saying NOW is the right time.


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