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If you are going into business and think everything is complicated well it isn’t.

Sales organisations will fill you with heaps of acronyms and pages of things to read.  I do not know about you, but life is too short for that.

I have set up and managed very large sales organisations and the following never let me down. here goes.





Even I can remember 4 things.

Imagine you are out tonight looking for your dream partner. You are in a crowded bar, what do you first notice about your potential dream partner?

Appearance, Attention.

So, firstly you need to be smart, well groomed and look organised.  Now this does not necessarily mean suited and booted, as this does not match every occasion, but you should remember you are representing your Company, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. How many times have you been blown out by your dream date before you even got to hello?

So we look good, and this includes our merchandise and or sales aids. Nothing worse than poor quality sales aids. Your target should be met with a warm friendly smile, not over the top, but warm. It is hard to resist a positive person, so introduce yourself including your Christian name, who you represent, making gentle eye contact at all times, and shake hands.  Sounds corny, eh? try it! A sincere handshake from someone who is not afraid to declare who he is, breaks down barriers, especially if you can get him to call you by your christian name early on.

Now is the time to get their attention hit them with your reason for being in front of them. a punchy line, show your product. Never be afraid to demonstrate what you are selling.
When was the last time someone recommended something to you in a shop? Most retailers stand back, and let you get on with it. This is one reason people shop on line. If no-one interacts with you, encourages you to try it on, switch it on, drive it, test it, then there is no reason to go through the door. I want to know the benefit to me of making that purchase.
So SHOW the product, tell them about your service, talk to your prospect, engage.
Ok, so we have made contact.
Find out what they want, lead them gently on your journey.
INTEREST includes discovering their name, who the are, what they are looking for(sometimes you have to help them with that bit!) lots of open questions. Who, how, why,what, where and when. These words are your friends. With your enthusiasm and belief in your product or service, you should by now have got them to visualise how they can look, feel, by owning what you have to sell.
Wait…we have not created a desire yet, merely got them nodding approval.
Do not sell until you have found 2 needs. Get them to talk about the benefit of owning such a desirable outfit, product etc, you are supplying. It is not until they can see what owning this, can do for them.
They need to DESIRE, crave, want it.
Price is 100% irrelevant if you do the above first. If someone can imagine what it will look like in their home, you are scoring a home run. With computers you can now fit it in their room without leaving the store. You can even take a picture of the client on your iPad, and put the clothes on the prospect “virtually”.
Clothing, get them to try it on, however busy they are, they may not be coming back your way, accessorise it, get the to feel it!
Once they are on board, mention the price, and it’s value to them. Be proud of your product, service. If it is priced right, then that is it’s price. IF someone can pay cash, or purchase now, then it may be worth negotiating a small reduction. 2.5%, or throw in something high perceived value, but low cost to you. Say alterations to clothing, or an accessorie.
So very short version of AIDA.
Yes you need to practice handling objections, but if you did first part right, you often negate objections.
Last piece of advice. Enthusiasm is infectious. If you are enthusiastic about your product, it relaxes client. They will catch your enthusiasm, feed off it.
Always believe in what you sell. A salesman sells what people want to buy, what they need. You satisfy needs. It is the happy business.
I hope this helps, and yes I have condensed a book into 1 page, so it does not answer everything.
Remember, there has never been a better time to open a business.
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