Time we helped young Entrepreneurs! Re-ignite dreams, rebuild a broken society

Today I met some inspiring people.
Firstly I met 2 professionals that help young folk find jobs.
I will not embarrass them, nor divulge the department they work in, save to say they are in it for the love, not money.
Often maligned, seldom appreciated, people are quick to point out what is broken, focussing on what is wrong, rather than how we can put things right.
If we turn the clock back; when we were children we had hopes for the future, we dreamed of our future. Even the humblest of us dreamed.
We dreamed of being footballers, firemen, teachers, tradesmen, and a host of other worthy professions. What we did not do was say “When I grow up I want to draw state benefits, and spend all my time in job centres.”
Sounds obvious, but over 1 million young people are in this position.
I saw several young people today, writing cv’s, photocopying applications, meeting mentors and advisers, picking up pamphlets from the Prince’s Trust on exciting schemes such as “Get into” one of which was football coaching FA level 1 badge. I did not see one dissenting face, one young person that looked like they were dragged in kicking and screaming. It was a place of hope.
I went specifically to meet a young person who had creative talent, and wanted to open his own business.
All he wanted was to talk to someone, be reassured anything could be achieved, given a bit of help, both in writing a plan, and if appropriate a bit of financial help.
He inspired me. He had a spark, something you cannot force. He was alive, and just needed someone to say “It is not wrong to dream again”
I grew up on a council estate, but had a desire to become something, and was fortunate enough to be given a chance in later life, by a man of vision. Someone who appointed me to General Manager in a multi national company. On one meeting! With no application! Someone told him I had something, and he had better meet me, or miss out. He took a chance on me, and I am forever greatful.
I was in my early 20’s! I stayed 28 years!
If you are young, and reading this, grab opportunities with both hands. At 14, I worked 15 hours a day, 10am until 1am, never refused work, however, lowly. I saw every job as something new, something to grow me as a person.
What is stopping you open your own business?
Cannot write a plan? Every town has an enterprise agency, get in touch with them, most do not charge.
No money? No problem, contact http://www.startuploans.co.uk
On benefits? Contact job centre plus and ask to go on New Enterprise Allowance.
Live in Blackpool?
Contact me at Get Started, 01253 477147
Hope is eternal, never give up on dreams, you can achieve anything in this life.
Thank you for reading
Geoff Reeves


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