Business start up Blackpool. why research comes first.

Would you burn a £10 note?


Why is it then that so many Businesses start up without doing some basic research?

Be honest, and admit it, people just jump in the deep end, and pray that they can swim.

An example of this is someone that signs a lease on a shop, because it looks right, and seems to be in right place. Usually because estate agent prints a pretty leaflet, with nice pictures, and a good story attached.  It is their job to sell it, do not blame them.

But what should come first, the shop or the demand/ market?

Think about it, you can have the best shop, best location and best product, but if no-one comes through the door, what have you achieved?

You need to research BEFORE you sign a lease.

Area and demographics. look at

This enables you do pretty much everything you need to map your chosen area. People, properties, ages, incomes, employment, businesses, etc. YES it will be 2011 census, but so what, areas do not dramatically change in a year.

Google maps/ earth. this lets you look at area, from above, and street level. you can sit at home and look at area.;  anything can be googled, quite literally, even things about me.

Cobra, is a great on line resource which tells you about pretty much everything you need to know about your specific business, and information fact sheets. If you live in Blackpool, join the library and you can access for free.

Join survey monkey. you can do an online survey to get new data bang up to date. Create your own survey , free.

Stand outside supermarket and ask 100 people at least 5 questions about your new business idea. no better way than to ask people.

Are you getting it? All this is free.

Even if you are open, do some research, revisit your strategy, test it’s validity. never stand still.

I hope this helps?

as always,

Get Started Blackpool

Geoff Reeves

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