Why being the best is only good enough when starting a new business


So here we go, Winter olympics have started. Forget all the hype and all the controversy, we are where we are, and on they go!

So why do i mention them?

Quite simply they represent the cream of the worlds athletes, and whilst representing their country, it is the individual that history will remember.

Do you represent the best that your chosen business can offer?

Will you leave a legacy?

Pride and passion are essential in business. People buy people, and you need to portray everything that is excellent.

Attention to detail; Business cards, leaflets, letter heads, sign writing, clothing, uniform, website, social media, answer phone message, telephone manner, response time, e mail name, PR, Media and so on.  You cannot ignore any of these.  You are what people see. You are the face of your business.

So enjoy the games, and marvel at the athletes, and take a close look at them. what they wear, what they say, the enthusiasm, drive and passion. ARE YOU THAT ENTHUSIASTIC?

I hope you like this post.

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