Delia tunes in to beat diets


Delia tunes in to beat diets

A Blackpool woman who has battled back from bulimia has launched her own business to help others beat their problems with food.

Delia Cardwell, from Bispham, has set up her business Attuned Eating with help from the council’s Get Started scheme.

She aims to use the lessons she has learned from attuned, or intuitive eating, where a person is trained to understand their body’s signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction, and use them to successfully manage their eating and weight.

Delia, 53, said: “Dieting can actually make things worse and people become obsessed.

“I teach people how to create a healthy relationship with food, mind and body through a process called intuitive eating, which is eating in response to your body’s internal cues of hunger, fullness and satisfaction instead of the external rules and regulations of a diet.

“We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Diets are clearly not working, they are unsustainable and 98 per cent of all dieters regain the weight lost on a diet within two years.

“I myself have overcome an eating disorder, I became bulimic in an attempt to control my weight.

“I have managed my weight without dieting for 20 years and am passionate about helping others do the same.

“My workshops help people to break the diet/binge cycle of losing and regaining weight and to understand the damaging effects of dieting.

“I teach people how to give themselves unconditional permission to eat the foods they love without guilt, ultimately showing them the way to end their preoccupation with food and weight and make peace with food.”

Delia explained when you get to a point where you can give yourself unconditional permission to eat and enjoy foods of all kinds, the process of eating becomes emotionally neutral and a person does not feel “good” or “bad” based on what you eat.

She said she decided to set up the business to help others while doing something she loved.

“I had heard about Get Started by word of mouth and went along.

“The courses were really useful on how to go about setting up a business and the mentoring has been a great practical help.”

Article published in Blackpool Gazette on 13th August 2014
For help starting your business call 01253477147 or visit our website at


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