Daniele, Yappers Chappers owner, in “Pop Up Blackpool”


Do you know what makes my job so enjoyable?
Seeing a client succeeding!
More importantly, growing each time you see them.
Daniele Chapell is one such client from my days with Get Started in Blackpool.
She is an extremely talented Jewellery maker, and has enthusiasm to die for. I see many craft people, but few so enthusiastic, prepared to go the extra mile.
The picture shows her in Victoria Street, pop up shop, last week in Blackpool.
The other person is someone attending “Rebellion”, an annual punk festival held each year in August, in Blackpool. She made a beeline for Daniele, who instantly recognised her and welcomed her warmly. She could see the lady was wearing some jewellery she sold her at last years event, and showed her the new range to complement what she was wearing. Not only that, she made sure everyone around was aware of this past client. Fantastic use of good news and a perfect opportunity for a sales pitch.
Confidence is all in Sales, and being able to interact and improvise is vital.
Great to see her doing so well, and so happy living her dream.
Heavily pregnant, 2 months before baby arrives. Kind thoughts to her and “Baby”
Geoff Reeves,
Get Started, Blackpool, 01253477147. http://www.blackpoolunlimited.com


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