PR, vital when you start a business, and it is often free


Take the pictures above.
If you are a wedding photographer, it helps if you can think outside the box, and take more than a photograph, and capture a true romantic moment in time.
Well, in business our aim must surely be to let the world know we have arrived, or are still alive. Yes PR is a continuous entity.
A good photo is vital, it is your visual grab line.
Now I am not a photographer and be assured the photos above were taken by a professional. Most of my clients in Blackpool attend our FREE Get Started marketing seminar. One of it’s key elements is PR and how to write your own.
It must work as many of the attendees, with a little help from me, manage to achieve success in the local Blackpool Gazette, and now on Radio Lancashire.
My office wall is plastered with news copy!
Positive PR can be blogged, you are reading which proves my point.
Twitter sends your message to the world, but words matter. Going to Google trends and checking which words people use can make a huge difference to your article being found.
My title includes start a business which is typed into search engines 4 times more than start your business. Simple to check and brings proven results.
When you have 140 characters in Twitter, every one counts.
In PR most newspapers simply guillotine when space has been reached. So message in first part of your submission is vital.
Remember simple rules. Who you are, what it is celebrating, where it takes place, when it took/ takes place. It needs to be relevant and current, most of all grab attention.
Often your picture sets the mood, and draws you in.
So, think PR, it is FREE.
All news media need you!
Make it happen!
Hope you enjoyed the blog
For Get Started help, please visit our site at
Or ring us if you live in Blackpool and are going to start a business on 01253477147
Geoff Reeves

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