La Shack Blackpool shows the value of reinvention

linda adams

Linda welcomes the Mayors of both Blackpool and Wyre.

Linda Adams is living proof that there is no short cut to building business success.  Her story is text book perfect.

last year she dipped her toe in the world of self employment selling gifts at Church Hall fairs, with little or no success, but she quickly learned the value of product and pricing, combined with the need to communicate with customers.  Whilst mort a profitable enterprise she found to her surprise that she liked people and more importantly they seemed to like her! She could survive outside of family and friends!

Next she took a stall in Poulton Market, braved the inclement weather and provided gifts for customers family and friend. She was winning customers and learning her craft.

In the last week of November 2013 she took the giant leap and opened a shop withinThe Garden Place Garden Centre on Cropper Road, Marton, Blackpool.

Faith in your project is vital and it does take a strong stomach to sink your life savings into stock, something linda did! BUT and here is the but, she had established in the previous months what sells and how important marketing and merchandising is to a business.

The Garden Centre is very popular and has a good client base. This gave her a chance! BUT having customers is nothing without a good product range and the ability to SELL!

People like her, and love the product range.

But you do not stand still, and this July she has doubled the size of her shop, enabling her to increase the range and introduce new and exciting products such as Bamboo fibre hats, and scarves. Do not be confused these are particularly soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Fully breathable and moisture absorbent, ideal for people with sensitive scalps or suffering hair loss.

She does not stand still, and appreciates a business that does not evolves, can stagnate, and subsequently fail.

PR plays a vital part in her success. Free and positive.  She has been in the Blackpool Gazette, Eve Magazine, Radio Lancashire as well as a visit from the Mayors’ of Blackpool and Wyre.

She networks to gain valuable referrals and grow her business. An example of how to develop is to embrace challenges, that take you outside your comfort zone, and in one case volunteered to join my Shakespeare group to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday. She though herself into the project and was a huge success as Portia in the Merchant Of Venice. No previous experience but energy and a zest for life plus total commitment demonstrated to me why she will succeed!

If you get chance pop in to her shop. La Shack, The Garden Centre, Cropper Road, Blackpool, FY4 5LB

If you need help starting your own business, contact me at Get Started, 01253477147, or visit our site at

Geoff Reeves



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